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Marketing made

simple honest custom for you.

Our Vision

At Lotus Outsourcing our vision is unlike anything else. We offer our clients a 100% return on investment. We Don’t Make Money, Unless They Do. Our confidence stems from our abilities to customize the campaign to the clients needs in a one on one setting and tailor our client’s services and products to meet the consumer’s needs and desires. Our philosophy is heavily surrounded around a sports minded mentality. Using our direct marketing methods, we have continuously achieved dramatic results for clients both large and small across many different industries.

Our Mission

Just like the lotus flower, our mission is for us to reach our full potential by helping others to reach their potential even through the muddy waters of business, marketing and life by spreading the seed of success.

Our Goals

One of our major goals is to continue to expand and grow the firm to the point where we can continue to provide upward mobility for our own employees. By following an organic growth employment model, we are able to safeguard that our clients will receive mirrored results in any market we establish in.

Our Ethos

We care about two parties: our team and our clients. With putting such an emphasis on employee growth and individualized, continuous training, our hopes are to give our employees the resources and knowledge to be a contributing partner to our team.

Our Services

Let’s build something amazing. We’re ready when you are.

We only hire great people who strive to push their ideas into fruition by outmuscling and out hustling the competition.

Client Representation

We put our client’s needs before our own and realize that the relationship works this way: When they grow, we grow in return. Having this specialized relationship ensures that are client’s goals are placed first overall and will have a “No Loss” commitment.

​Customer Acquisition

Our organization specializes in providing our clients lifetime customers and ensured 100% ROI. We follow the demonstrated arrangement of our business procedures and reach the market in different manners such as business to business, business to consumers, pop-up events, in-store promotions and help decrease costs for our clients.

Promotional Marketing

Here at Lotus Outsourcing we reach our audience in a more direct manner, knowing the audience and having experience in marketing means that outsourcing your business to us is not just the most cost effective option, but the most effective way to achieve greater and immediate results.

Real Results, Guaranteed

Our goal is simple, to implement marketing strategies that people care about.
We were founded on this principle and we will always be committed to it.